In this series we will cover a large portion of the program and build on each lesson. Webinars are ~60 minutes in length.  Need to convert to your time zone: CLICK HERE

Skill level Generations: Intermediate-Advanced | Skill Level Hatch: Beginner to Intermediate

We’re going to have monthly Saturday review meetings once we get to certain points in the lessons to answer questions – Especially for the more challenging lessons. 

Generations Web Workshop Outline

  • Specialty Thread and Digitizing
    • Metallics – Mixed Metallics
    • Wool – Burmilana
    • Thread Mixing in a design
  • Color Bending Manually
    • Blending different threads
    • Color blending Feathers – Bird Design
    • Blending Dramatic Designs
  • Dimensional Embroidery
    • Digitizing for Puffy Foam
    • Building Up Stitch Layers
    • Fun, Unique Fringe Textures

HATCH Web Workshops Outline

  • Lettering, Customizing & Autodigitizing
  • Basic to Advanced Lettering
  • Monogramming
  • Customizing Designs
  • Autodigitizing Part 1
  • Editing, Fills & Stitch Effects
  • Editing & Scanning Images
  • Stitch Direction & Angles
  • Carving, Splits, Stamps & Holes
  • Beginning Manual Punch
  • Manual Punching
  • Branching & Connections
  • Applique & Cutters
  • Lines & Outlines
  • Multi-Hooped Designs


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