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Embroidery & Sewing Needles

There is a lot of fantastic engineering behind the design of a needle. We won’t cover that all that engineering here. Let's start with some needle basics: #1: Always use a good quality needle. I am partial to Schmetz needles, but there are other great brands out there. #2: Fine fabrics should be sewn with... continue reading

Round & Round We Go Update

We're making some progress on the rug  - BUT - I did it wrong -and I like the results. The only problem is rippling. What did I do wrong? Well, the original instructions say to stitch in the center needle position, which creates a seam in the middle of the folded strip. I did what... continue reading

Round and Round

I’ve been having a blast! I decided that I needed a nice area rug for my breakfast room – but can never find something I like in the colors I like.  So I decided to use up a couple of jelly rolls I had hanging out here and make my own. I was a little… continue reading