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Hatch Managing Designs 2

Second video in our Hatch Series – More on Managing Designs

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Hatch Managing Designs 1

Wondering what Wilcom Hatch is like? Or do you already own the program? Check out the first video in our series.

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Better Motif Stitches

Learn how to make better motif stitches in Generations Software. continue reading

Decorative Thread

Check out the latest serger video – Just in time for National Sewing Month. Remember to let us know if you like the video. continue reading

Generations Spirals

We’re just having some fun playing with the tools in Generations Software – Watch our short video to learn more. continue reading

Serging With Knits

Learn how using differential feed can help create better seams on knits. continue reading

Serging 101

Learn About loopers, threading, and much more and more with this short Serger 101 video from Hang the Moon and Stars. This is a great get you started video sure to help take the mystery out of serging   continue reading

Tensions Issues

Having trouble with serger tensions – or – wanting to use decorative threads and need to change tensions? Don’t let your serger tension make you tens 🙂 Watch our short video for some great tips and tricks.   continue reading