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My Favorite Pesto Recipe

There is nothing like the smell or taste of fresh basil. My neighbor makes fun of me because almost every garden bed has some form of basil in it. I love basil and I always have a lot of it in the summer. Did you know that basil boasts numerous health benefits because of it’s... continue reading

Community Gardening – Kind of

It's nice living in town and getting to know your neighbors. When I working I just didn't have time to get to know anyone. I was rarely home.  So since I have been home and have a small terrier, I have had the opportunity to become friendly or friends with many of the neighbors simply... continue reading

Serger Video 5 – Threading

For the most part, sergers are threaded in the same manner. Upper Looper, Lower Looper and then the needles. There are some sergers that auto thread, but you should still understand how to thread in the event you want to use heavier decorative thread. Please do not let the Elna machine scare you off from... continue reading

Monogram Etiquette

One of the things I get asked a lot is about monogramming. Most of the questions are about placement - but there are two things that need to be considered regarding monogramming - Placement and Etiquette. Let's look at etiquette first so that we can use monogramming to create the perfect monogram. His and Her... continue reading

Round & Round We Go Update

We're making some progress on the rug and even my husband has commented that the rug looks great.  I didn't have the heart to tell him that I did it wrong - but I like the results. What did I do wrong? Well, the original instructions say to stitch in the center needle position, which... continue reading

Serger Video 4 – 4 Thread Decorative

Ever wondered how you could add a great decorative stitch to heavy seams or the edges of fabric - try a 4-thread Seam using decorative thread and your serger.  We used Robison Anton Rayon Floss, but you can use almost any kind of decorative thread to do this. Please let us know what you think... continue reading

Stop Unraveling

Nothing is worse than spending time to make perfect embroidery only to have it unravel at the first wash.  Check out our Tuesday Tips video on Lock Stitches and Tie In/Out options.

continue reading

Roasted Leg of Lamb with Herbs

I used to be nervous about cooking lamb. But I find that it is easy and for the most part our family enjoys it. So - Here is one of the dishes I am going to use my preserved lemons on. I just have to be careful because they do have a little more salty... continue reading


I love lemon added to salad dressing, combined with asparagus, broccoli cauliflower , garlic , fish - you get the picture.  This year I discovered preserved lemons and "WOW" is all I can say. Preserved lemons are hard to find in my neck of the woods - so I decided that I would make my own.... continue reading

Round and Round

I’ve been having a blast! I decided that I needed a nice area rug for my breakfast room – but can never find something I like in the colors I like.  So I decided to use up a couple of jelly rolls I had hanging out here and make my own. I was a little… continue reading